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About Us

We give creative ideas a solid digital presence.

Innovative use of technologies
We use our accumulated technological expertise to develop innovative solutions.
Extensive experience in secure software environments
Our knowledge is based on experience in the use of software that meets special requirements for availability and security.
Comprehensive consideration of the product's lifecycle
We plan and develop our products with special consideration of their entire life cycle. In doing so, we preventively include strategic developments such as increasing requirements for IT security.

The mindkeeper solutions GmbH is a software service provider that fulfills a wide range of requirements regarding the technologies used, necessary processes and a modern software lifecycle.

As the innovator of our group of companies, we test new technologies and transfer pioneering concepts into software products.

A versatile staff in connection with the pool of experts of our group of companies enables us to meet every requirement with a customized solution.

Our many years of experience in the complex environment of financial informatics enable us to place our product development on a robust, efficient and secure foundation right from the start.